6th International Workshop on Software Certification (WoSoCer 2016)

The WoSoCer workshop series is a forum for discussing novel solutions for the assessment and certification of software in critical systems, and for promoting their adoption through industrial and academic research projects.

Steering Committee Program Committee Chairs
Roberto Natella Homa Alemzadeh
Roberto Pietrantuono  Mark Lawford
Nuno Silva  


Workshop Session

WoSoCer 1 : Certification of Medical Devices (8:30 - 10:00am)

Session Chair: Roberto Natella

  1. Invited Talk - Navigating Regulatory Issues for Software-Based Medical Device Products by Michelle Jump (Stryker corp.)

WoSoCer 2: Reliability and Safety Assurance (10:30- Noon)

Session Chair: Roberto Natella

  1. Certification of Medical Information Systems - Towards a Foundational Framework and Methodology J. Weber and M. Price. 
  2. Safety Assurance for Emergent Collaboration of Open Distributed Systems S. Müller and P. Liggesmeyer 
  3. Considering testing-coverage and fault removal efficiency subject to the random field environments with imperfect debugging in software reliability Q.Li and C. Mao

WoSoCer 3: Model based design and certification (1:30 - 3:00 pm)

Session Chair: Mark Lawford

  1. Invited Talk- Developing high integrity systems using Model based design by Konstantin Dmitriev (The Mathworks, Inc.)

WoSoCer 4: Modeling and formalisms for certifications (3:30 - 5:00 pm)

Session Chair: Mark Lawford

  1. Integrated Formal Methods for Constructing Assurance Cases C. Carlan, T. A. Beyene and H. Ruess
  2. On the Exploration of Model-Based Support for DO-178C-Compliant Avionics Software Development and Certification A. Paz and G. El Boussaidi
  3. Model-Based Software Engineering and Certification: Some Open Issues S. Russo and F. Scippacercola​

Workshop Website: International Workshop on Software Certification (WoSoCer)